Kicking myself…

I love being outdoors but what a day I have had!!! Feel like I’ve been all over the world (and back again with my eyes closed) And that’s because it was all so very rushed!!! Well, tell a lie – it didn’t seem rushed at the time…just that I have crammed so much into a short time (approximately 3 hours to be precise) …and I don’t like it. I want to savour moments…to take my time. So it’s either ‘I am getting quicker at taking my time’ or I should have spent more time savouring moments.  This is how I have spent my day so far…

  1. Took a train from London to Northampton.
  2. I saw a play. 
  3. Went to my niece’s ‘digs’.
  4. Went for a meal. 
  5. Went to a museum. 
  6. Went for a walk. 
  7. Took a train from Northampton back to London. 

And it feels …so ‘wanting’. Like a day trip that has been folded into a half-a-day trip. Leaving a very funny taste in my mouth (seriously??) ‘this sounds wrong on so many levels!!!  It was a good trip but definitely rushed (believe me, rush – leaves a horrible aftertaste).  

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